Biking Across Kansas 2018 – Day 0

Today begins Biking Across Kansas (BAK) 2018. Actually today is mainly the travel day, where we all get to the western-most town for our start. Most of us ride from the CO border and today’s short ride was 16 miles.

Even though today wasn’t epic in terms of the actual riding, it was still so awesome and I was reminded many times why I do this.

For me the day started at 3:45am so I could leave my house at 5:00am. A drive to Wichita to get on a charter bus to the border was next. The bus ride started the reunion as I heard: “How many years is it for you now?” and “Aren’t you the girl with the flowers on your bike?” I made some new friends as I always do, one from Hutchinson and one from Oregon.

The reunion continued when I arrived in Johnson City with big hugs from my BAK friends that I only see one week out of the year. Lots of reminiscing and laughs during supper and of course, a jaunt around town.

Gosh, I love this. I love the challenge of riding my bike big miles every day. I love laughing and telling stories with friends. I love the family atmosphere of support.

More tomorrow!

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