BAK 2018 – Day 3

Pie, wheatfields, tailwinds, a merrygoround–such a great day on the bike!

Today I rode 87 miles from Ashland to Pratt with awesome stops in Coldwater for pie and Greensburg for sightseeing and lunch. I left at 6:00am after a breakfast burrito and coffee. When we turned to go north to Coldwater, we had a slight tailwind and some long, sloping Hills. I was cruising at 20-22 mph and even got Speedy in her big chain ring! The going was easy!

When you’re on a bike tour, pie becomes pretty exciting.

Next, I stopped in Greensburg at the home of the World’s Largest Hand-Dug Well. It’s huge. Aaaaand, I couldn’t go down into it. The stairs that spiral downward are see-through. Anyone else feel me on this? Anyway, the next stop was Kook’s Meats for deli sandwiches. They also sell seasonings and dip mixes. I’ll let these pics speak for themselves.

I rode many miles with my young friend Shannon, from the pictures above. She’s a strong cyclist. At 19, this is her 5th BAK. She’s an education major in college and such a fine person. I love riding with her, talking to her about music and people and Chicago. She’s going to be a difference-maker!

SAG stops are pretty important on a long ride, mostly to refill water bottles, but also for a quick break. At this SAG I met two men who are both named Todd Johnson! They met on BAK!

As we rode along, we noticed how perfect the wheat looks. BAK usually happens right before wheat harvest. All the fields are perfectly golden, like an ocean of wheat.

There’s a group of young people on the ride this year from a Mennonite community. They are all so sweet and humble. When you speak with them, they are so polite. Every one of them has trained for this and they finish each day, riding ALL the miles. The girls wear their traditional dresses which I think must be very hot. They are true to their faith, however, and remain modest with some modifications. For example, they all wear helmets. I’m really proud of them!

Finally, I found a merrygoround! First one on the route.

Tomorrow is CENTURY DAY. I have coerced, er, invited, 3 friends to ride with me. 😜

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